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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Dttls This paper will address an observation undertaken on an experienced tutor within the football coaching field ( refer to page 8-10). The assignment will include a reflective account of the process, including an action plan from a planned observation. In light of this, it is my responsibility to ensure that the person being observed is aware of the purpose of the observation and of any particular focus. This was discussed informally in advance of the observation. Observers are expected to plan for the observation by reading any paperwork given in advance and familiarising themselves with the class to be observed.

Observation on another work colleague is a powerful tool that informs the observer and allows them to have a detached perspective on the activity delivered. According to Montgomery and Duck (1991) observation involves looking and listening very carefully. We watch people all the time, the only difference is that we do not take the time to reflect and discover particular information about their behaviour. On the other hand, Brown, (1999-On-line) argues that in direct observations, people are aware they are being watched. The danger of this situation is that people will react to this and change their actions rather than showing what they are really like. In light of this, I favoured the direct observation technique as I felt it offered a more focused perspective on my specialism of football coaching. The observation informed my coaching technique and enabled me to reflect on how I could improve upon my teaching and offer valuable feedback to the tutor being observed. According to O’Brien and Guiney, (2001) reflection is an informative tool that enables the observer to consider the points, arguments and issues raised.

“This is a time of personal reflection, designed to acquaint you further with the theory and practise being dealt with. Reflection points often invite you to consider a situation or a scenario and then relate this to your own...
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