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In-depth Analysis of DTH (Direct to Home)

In-depth Analysis of DTH (Direct to Home)

Sandhya Sudhakar Dubey (11BSPO878)

A report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of PGPM Program of IBS PUNE Submitted To:
1. Mr . Vivek Bane (Branch Head, AC Nielsen Pune)
2. Ms. Jyoti Tilak (Professor, IBS Pune)
3. Ms. Gauri Parab (Professor, IBS Pune)

Date of Submission: 9/06/2012


This is to certify that the project entitled “In depth analysis of DTH (Direct to Home)Services” is a bonafide work of Sandhya Sudhakar Dubey, a student of ICFAI Business School, Pune, bearing Roll No.11BSP0878, and was successfully conducted at AC Neilsen, from 10th April to 7th June 2012, for the partial fulfillment of the course Post Graduate Programme in Business Management (PGPM) of IBS, Pune.

Mr. Vivek Bane
Branch Head
AC Neilsen, Pune


I take immense pleasure in thanking Mr. Vivek Bane (Branch Head of AC Nielsen, Pune), Mr. Ganesh Manurker and Mr. Sachin Gaikwad for having permitted me to carry out this Project as a part of my SIP programme in Pune. It was a great learning experience to having work with all of them.

I wish to express my deep sense of gratitude to my internal guide, Mr. Shankar Das (Professor, IBS Pune) for his able guidance and useful suggestions which helped me in completion of my project

Words are inadequate in offering my thanks to the SIP co-ordinator, Mr. Arun Prasad for his encouragement and co-operation in carrying out the project and extending his support in difficult times.

Sandhya Dubey

Table of Contents
Executive Summary6
1. Introduction7
1.1 What is DTH7
1.2 How DTH service provider works8
2.Company Profile1
3. Objectives of the Study20
4. Scope of the Study20
5. Methodology21
6. Limitations of the Study21
7. Data Analysis22
8. Findings and Recommendation31
9. Conclusion32
10. Bibilography33
11. Annexure34


This report is submitted by Sandhya Dubey bearing enrollment no. 11BSP0793 of batch 2011-2013, a student of IBS, Pune. This survey was done under AC Neilsen which is one of the world’s top 3 market survey organization. In Pune its office is located at 233B, Navi Sangvi Peth, near Lokmanya Vachanalaya, Opp. G. M. Electricals & Engineers, above Vijaya Bank, Pune- 411030.Telephone Number: 020 24327901/05. Title of my project is “IN DEPTH ANALYSIS OF DTH (Direct To Home) Services”. It’s aimed at finding out why people prefer DTH services and what are the factors that influence them to buy DTH services. What is the position of DTH service provider in pune. If they use DTH then which company service do they use? I have interviewed 100 household (respondents) of Pune who belongs age group 15-64 years and should be the TV expert of the household.TV expert means the person who is watching more television as compared to others in a household and should have all the knowledge regarding Television After studying various types of Households I have found out that around 47% of the household were using DTH services and 49% were using Cable TV Network and around 4% household were using Terrestrial. So from this we can make out that there is almost more than 50% opportunity available for the DTH service provider.. But, the price should be as low as possible to get a good consumer base. My recommendation for the companies are they should study whole market first and then make a packages which are feasible for the people to buy as in cable there are multiple channels which people don’t prefer to watch for e.g.: when I interviewed 100 household there were people who said that...
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