Dth Industry

Topics: Satellite television, Cable television, IPTV Pages: 141 (38557 words) Published: October 13, 2010

List of Figures5

List of Tables5

Chapter 16

Research Methodology:6
Research Objective:6
Primary Objective:6
Secondary Objective:6
Research Design:6
Data Collection & Sources:7

Chapter 28

Product Profile8
DTH Service9
Product History10
Global Market10
Indian Market18
A Practical Perspective21
Substitutes Of The Product23
Product Technology And Service Processing32
Industry Life Cycle37

Chapter 339

Global Scenario39
Global Players39
Total Companies Profiled: 72 (Including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 80)39 Global Major Players40
Cable Vs. DTH - An Overview Of The World Scenario41
PPV (Pay-Per-View)47
Opportunities For Indian Vendors49

Chapter 450

Financial Analysis50
Revenue Structure:50
Cost Structure:51

Chapter 554

PEST Analysis:54
Political Factors54
Opposition By Political Parties:54
Regulatory Role Of Government55
Rules For Licensing55
FDI Cap In DTH To Go Up To 74%58
Government Stability58
Economic Factors60
Currency Stability60
GDP (Gross Domestic Product)61
Inflation Rate62
GDP Based On PPP63
Interest Rate:64
Budget Impact On DTH Industry65
Social Factors66
Consumer Attitudes And Opinions66
Brand, Company, Technology Image66
Buying Access And Trends67
Age Distribution And Lifestyle Trend67
Family Form And Population Shift68
Cultural Implications Of DTH68
Technological Factors70
DTH Technology70
Govt. Course Of Action Towards Technology71
Technology Incentives72
About Ku-Band73
Satellite Introduction77
Satellite Footprint77
Multi Dwelling Unit81

Michel Porter’s Five Force Analysis83
Threats Of New Entrants83
Access To Distribution Net-Work:83
Advertising & Marketing Activity:83
Regulation & Norms:83
Capital Requirement:84
Cost Design:84
Industry Growth:84
Government Policy:84
Threats Of Substitutes86
Determinants Of Substitution Threat86
Costs Of Switching To Substitutes:86
Availability Of Substitute Products:87
Bargaining Power Of Suppliers88
Set-Top Box:88
Backward Integration:89
Supplier Switching Cost:89
Forward Integration:89
Bargaining Power Of Buyers90
Buyer Switching Costs:90
Brand Awareness:91
Availability Of Substitute Products:91
Buyers’ Purchase Frequency:91
Innovative Services:91
Inter Firm Rivalry93
No. Of Player In Industry:93
Market Share:94
Industry Growth:95
Untapped Market:95
Promotional Activities:95
Exit Barrier:96

Chapter 698

Driving Forces98
Internet Technology Applications:98
Long Term Industry Growth:98
Product Innovations:98
Technological Changes:98
Regulatory Influence:99
Changing Societal Concerns, Attitude & Lifestyles:99

Key Success Factors100
Innovative Services:100
Innovative Marketing:101

Strategic Factors:102
Exploit Bottlenecks:102
Move First:102
Exploit Market Niche:102


Portfolio Models104
BCG Matrix104
Strategies Of Players:105
Suggested Strategy:108

GE9 Cell Matrix111
Industry Attractiveness:113
Business Strength:114

ADL (Arthur D. Little) Matrix116
Competitive Position116
Industry Maturity116

Diamond Model119
Rules For Licensing:119
Trade Restrictions And Tariffs120
Foreign Direct Investment:121...
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