Dswd Issp Analysis 2011

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  • Published : November 4, 2011
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Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) is a government organization that provides social protection and welfare to less fortunate individual or family. To ensure that the agency fulfills its mission and vision, DSWD formulated its ISSP that focuses on four major developments. These developments are categorized as follows: 1. Establishing Strategic and Results-Oriented Policies in Social Protection Utilizing Information and Communications Technology. 2. Harnessing Information and Communications Technology for Better and Faster Social Protection Programs and Services. 3. Introducing Financial Reforms to Sustain the Reform Process Utilizing Information and Communications Technology. 4. Improving Delivery Systems and Capacities through Information and Communications Technology Although rated as the least corrupt Philippine government agency, the Department of Social Welfare and Development is also very impressive when it comes to their Information Systems Strategic Plan (ISSP). Everything is enumerated from the number of personnel, hardware, software and the trainings required for the department to meet or finish all of its needed systems. Their ISSP is well budgeted, documented and updated. The government agency is also already adapting to the current trends in technologies as it has their own Facebook page and Twitter account as their way of communicating or reaching out with the people. Though the plan is already remarkable, it can still be improved. Instead of having several systems for the department, it can be consolidated and merged into one enterprise system portal and be easily accessible and organized via either the intranet or the internet. Also the department might want to also reconsider redesigning its current website. Even though it is a social department, it should show firmness and formality as a government agency that imposes good policies. With regards to the cost analysis, the government fund was well...
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