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The Trojan War ended and Odysseus was looking forward to going home to see his wife and son. However, he got diverted and faced many struggles and hardships that delayed him ten years. Life is a journey that has many ups and downs. I have had struggles and happy times in my life. Similarly to Odysseus, I realize that you have to work through the hard times and keep going. Always remember your goal in life and you can achieve it.

One of my challenges in life was becoming a Bar Mitzvah.  I had to learn a new language and learn to read from the torah in front of everyone I knew. I had to do a lot of studying and practicing my Hebrew, as well as write a speech about my Torah portion.  Meanwhile, I still had to do all my school work from Lazar.  Learning how to read in a very different language was hard for me. It is very challenging for me to concentrate on so many things at once and speak in front of people, but I knew I had to do it. Odysseus had many long and hard struggles to get to his goal of coming home.  I can relate to him because I felt that learning torah and speaking in front of so many people was a struggle, but the goal of becoming a Bar Mitzvah, making my family happy and a big party was worth it!

In 2006 my family took a cruise to Bermuda and I discovered I loved to travel.  In 2008 I booked a cruise for my family to Canada and realized I am good at finding travel deals and great destinations.  In 2009 I planned and made all the arrangements for a family trip to California that summer.  Our flight was as calm as the sea but long. When we went to pick up our rental car the lady at the desk tried to get my dad to rent a more expensive car. She was trying to be very persuasive, but we sailed right past her song just like Odysseus sailed past the sirens. The wildfires were another obstacle on our long journey. We were at a friend's house and driving back to our hotel when we saw smoke and a lot of traffic ahead.  We had to get back to our hotel and...

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