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The Reign of Greed

A Complete English Version of El Filibusterismo from the Spanish of José Rizal
Charles Derbyshire

Philippine Education Company

Copyright, 1912, by Philippine Education Company.
Entered at Stationers’ Hall.
Registrado en las Islas Filipinas.
All rights reserved. [v]

|I. On the Upper Deck |II. On the Lower Deck | |III. Legends |IV. Cabesang Tales | |V. A Cochero’s Christmas Eve |VI. Basilio | |VII. Simoun |VIII. Merry Christmas | |IX. Pilates |X. Wealth and Want | |XI. Los Baños |XII. Placido Penitente | |XIII. The Class in Physics |XIV. In the House of the Students | |XV. Señor Pasta |XVI. The Tribulations of a Chinese | |XVII. The Quiapo Pair |XVIII. Legerdemain | |XIX. The Fuse |XX. The Arbiter | |XXI. Manila Types |XXII. The Performance | |XXIII. A Corpse |XXIV. Dreams | |XXV. Smiles and Tears |XXVI. Pasquinades | |XXVII. The Friar and the Filipino |XXVIII. Tatakut | |XXIX. Exit Capitan Tiago |XXX. Juli | |XXXI. The High Official |XXXII. Effect of the Pasquinades | |XXXIII. La Ultima Razón |XXXIV. The Wedding | |XXXV. The Fiesta |XXXVI. Ben-Zayb’s Afflictions | |XXXVII. The Mystery |XXXVIII. Fatality | |XXXIX. Conclusion | |

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |...
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