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B, D, D, B, B, C, C, B, C, C, C, C, C, A, D, B, C, A, D




i) Digestion
ii) Absorption

1. Reduces cholesterol level in the blood
2. Does not cause coronary heart disease

It cannot be digested


i) 2 hours
ii) stomach

It has an acid resistant coat, hence the acid in the stomach will not be able to dissolve its coat and the drug will not be released. It also has a permeable coat which tends to stick to the mucus, hence it will move down the alimentary canal slowly. Hence, absorption of drug happens slowly and it takes longer for dugs to reach its highest blood concentration.

It has a permeable coat that tends to stick to mucus, hence it will stuck to the areas in the alimentary canal with mucus, thus the pill takes more time to pass though the alimentary canal.

The partially permeable membrane allows water into the pill and dissolve the drug. Hence, the dissolved drug will diffuse out of the pill.


Bile emulsifies fats. It causes fats droplets to breakdown into fat molecules, increasing the surface area to volume ratio, hence increasing the speed of digestion of fats.

Amylase digested the starch in the visking tubing to form maltose. Since maltose is a small molecule, it was able to diffuse out of the visking tubing, down a concentration gradient form the visking tubing to the water in the beaker.

The water will remain yellowish brown when iodine is added, Since starch is a big molecule, it will not be able to diffuse out of the visking tubing.

It has a partially permeable membrane.

Alcohol is a harmful substance and it may be absorbed into the blood by the gut. Too much alcohol consumption may result in harmful effects on the digestive and nervous systems. It destroys brain cells and hence it will affect the nervous systems. Alcohol will also damage the liver hence the liver will not be able to produce bile, affecting the body's digestion.

i) Digestion is a process...
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