Look at me. My hair is a mess. But that’s why I have a brush. I can fix that. There, my hair is brushed. My teeth are crooked that’s why I don’t smile but I have braces. I just have to survive another year of being called Brace Face. Then I can finally give my mother school photos where I don't look like Christmas was canceled. The problem is my body. I am so fat. Just look at my thighs. Fats all over them. I have chubby cheeks. If I was skinny the guy that I like would actually see me as more than the girl who loves the smell of new library books because it turns her on like only a set of hot abs could. Boys would ask to switch to my coed P.E class just to get a peek of me. Sigh. I wish that I was skinny. Suddenly the mirror glowed bright. What the heck was going on? Did the science lab install solar panels in the mirrors again? Ugh, those nerds. Wait. I am one. A moment later the mirror stopped glowing and in a flaw of sparkles and rainbow glitter a fairy appeared in the middle of the bathroom. She was plump like a plum and had pretty wings. Her wand was long and silver and looked like a unicorn horn. She was wrapped in a long dress made from polar bear fur. The tip of the dress nearly touched the ground and every time she moved glitter and sparkle fell from the dress. I asked, “Who are you?”

She smiled. “Why I’m your fairy godmother of course.”
“My fairy god mother?"
She nodded. "I’m here to grant you your wish.”
“What wish?”
“You wished that you were skinny yes?”
“Oh that wish. Yes I do. I do very much. If I was skinny then nobody would make fun of me. I would actually be able to fit into the new clothes that I bought for myself. And Ivan Walters would talk to me.” “Why did you buy new clothes if it couldn’t fit you?”

I sighed. “They were supposed to serve as motivation for when I lost the weight..” “You can and you will. I heard your wish and I am here to grant it.” “I don’t know what to say. How can you make me skinny?” “When you wake up tomorrow...
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