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Hi guys, i am applying for an MS scholarship. I want input on my SoP and areas i should work upon more...I want opinions on how effectively it addresses the question, How coherent it is and if the paragraphs gel together perfectly or not.

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SOP Objectives: The personal statement is a narrative statement explaining what is special, unique, distinctive, and/or impressive about you or your life story. It may include details of your life (personal or family problems, history, people or events that have shaped you or influenced your goals), explain your interest in the field you propose to study, and demonstrate that you are well-suited to this field. It should also touch on your career plans and your purpose in applying for study in the U.S. The Personal Statement should not be a description of your resume or cv. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

Leonardo da Vinci defined the principles for the development of a complete mind thus:

"Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses - especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else."

I am a man of art. Surface aesthetics inspire me. I am also a man of science. To go beyond apparent beauty is my passion. I spent my early years often questioning the integration of the two. Could art and science ever form a single, coherent symphony? The answer dawned on me when, as a young student, I learned about da Vinci and his contributions to the world. My reason for quoting da Vinci is very simple. Here was a man who belonged to both religions: art and science. A polymath, his vision was the perfect marriage of beauty as the eye sees it and the structural aesthetics of how things work beneath the surface. This man was the inspiration for my desire to pursue a career in engineering- that masterful discipline...
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