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The greatest lessons in life tend to come from challenging experiences. In 300 words or fewer (approximately 1950 characters with spaces), please tell us about a challenging experience you have faced and what you have learned from it.

During the Spring semester of my freshman year at New York University, I moved into a dorm that was across the street from Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village. I lived with my friends and I had the heart of The City right in the palm of my hands. Living as such at the age of 18, my studies easily became secondary. 

As a result, I received my first 70’s ever. I had never got anything below 80 since I entered high school, and this was a huge shock to me.

My parents made a modest living, so paying for an NYU education was not an easy financial feat. I had to face them with my transcript, and I did not have a legitimate reason for the F. My mother punished me by sending me to Honduras (my parents’ homeland) for the whole summer. She wanted me to figure out a plan to avoid failing a class again. They told me that they would allow one failure, but if it happened again, I would be paying my tuition. I knew that being away from my friends would definitely force me to be pensive. I also knew that I did not have a plan on how I was going to pay my tuition, so I definitely wanted to do whatever I could to make my parents happy. The F made my parents very upset and disappointed, but frankly, I felt ashamed of myself. I had to allow myself to gain the lessons this experience offered.

I learned that I had to be honest with myself as a learner, and do what I knew would be best for me. For instance, I had schoolmates who walked into class without taking any notes, and had still done well; I attempted to do the same, but I obviously was not that kind of learner. I needed to make my schooling a priority by scheduling time daily to study. I created study groups, knowing that by spending time studying with others, I would be...
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