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Chapter I
Every student who is taking up Ladderized Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) course undergoes the so called On-the-Job Training after every competency that they learn. It is in this period that BSIT student has the greatest responsibility to develop desirable traits of a future office worker. A BSIT student has the opportunity to develop attitudes, skills and understanding necessary in the field of information technology related workplaces as an IT professionals.       Being a BSIT Ladderized student, On-the-Job Training provides the opportunity in promoting worthy values and developing strong moral character among other people in the community. It is one of the factors that are helpful to the students in enriching and developing their knowledge learned at school. The new rediscovery and development of the student who will undergo such training maybe determined through the ability to accomplish work by following instruction and performing the duties and responsibilities diligently.       The-On-The-Job-Training was conducted from Nov 24 , 2009 to March 06, 2009 for a total of 396 hours at the Accreditation office of Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Isabela State University - Cauayan Campus, Cauayan City, Isabela. A. Importance of the Practicum/ Job Training

1. It is tool for applying, enriching, and enhancing the acquired knowledge in the school in their particular field of endeavor. 2. A way of changing student outlook in life through exposure in the performance of actual work that may serve as the stepping-stone for future life. 3. It develops inter personal relationship with other employees within the agency/ office. B. Objectives of the Practicum/ Job Training

1. To let the student feel and experience the actual world of work and a chance to enhance the development of their skills in the computerized environment. 2. To expose the students to the current trends and development in a particular agency or office. 3. To broaden the student’s practical experiences and their outlook to their line of work to have proper prospective and attitudes. A. Time and Place of the Practicum

      The On-The-Job Training was performed during Mondays to Fridays. This training was undertaken from Nov 24 , 2009 to March 06, 2009 covering the required 396 hours at the Isabela State University - Cauayan Campus, Cauayan City, Isabela. The Office is open from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon and from 1:00 to 5:00 pm.

Chapter II
A. Corporate/ Agency Background
1. Nature of the Agency
2. Mission/ Vision/ Goal Statement
3. History/ Background of the Agency/ Office
4. Organizational Structure

B. Work Experience
1. Accomplishments/ Activities
|Date |Accomplishment | |  |  | |  |  | |  |  | |  |  | |  |  | |  |  | |  |  | |  |  | | ...
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