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  • Published: November 29, 2010
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Compare/Contrast Essay
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Using the grading rubric, read the attached essays and score them. Be sure to read thoroughly, and remember that you are trying to find ways to GIVE the writer points, rather than trying to find ways to TAKE points away. With that said, however, the information must still be correct in order for a point to be awarded

**You MUST record the final score, as well as why you are/are not giving the writer points. **You are allowed to give the essay 2 possible scores
(Example: I think the essay is either a 3 or a 4).
**Please do not look at the official explanation until after you have scored the essays. You don’t get any special reward for getting them right. The goal is to learn something.

Essay Question:

Within the period from 1450-1800, compare the processes (e.g. political, social, economic) of empire building in the Spanish Empire with the empire-building processes in ONE of the following: The Ottoman Empire OR The Russian Empire.

CC Essay #1 (3RR)

Between the years 1400 and 1800, new empires appeared on the globe. One of these empires is the Spanish and the other is the Ottoman Empire. Both of these bear similarities but had their differences as well. They both carved out major chunks of the globe and were both major powers in the newly formed global world. Politically, economically, and socially, these empires were similar in many ways, but they had important differences that separated them apart.

The Spanish were an up and coming world power in this time period between 1400 and 1800. They soon dominated overseas and trading. Differing from the Ottoman Empire to the east. The Spanish Empire was largely sea based. Their advanced ships and naval technologies allowed the to discover new continents and claim them to be their own. The Spanish set up colonies for the economy to run and they relied heavily on imports from their distant...
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