Drunkard Answers

Topics: Family, Alcoholism, Comedy Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: April 12, 2013
The Drunkard Questions

The Drunkard Questions

1.Some of the the sources of humour in the story are, the fathers personality/attitude (the way he reacts to situations, and the sons curiosity. The humour in the story definitely arises from observation of life, although some of the situations are less plausible, and fall short of the hand, you're still able to fathom the story as being realistic to modern day society. With that being said the most humorous situation in the story to me, is when the son is walking home and he yells at the people watching from across the street. To me the humour is enjoyable because its a) relatable, but most importantly b) it’s a great example of situational irony, for the little boy should have been walking his father home, not the inverse.

2. There are definitely undertones of pathos in the story, specifically at the beginning of the story and in the abr. The undertones of pity and sadness are rooted from the fathers drinking issue. At the beginning of the story when the son begins narrating the story speaking of his fathers drinking issue, you feel a vibe of darkness being rooted in the story. This feeling continues and grows towards the funeral, almost as if there is lingering suspense that the author is building up. Finally the story takes a turn for more of a comedy when the son begins to drink his fathers drink, which was either a cry for help, or as a last resort to stop his father from start his dangerous well-known path.

3. The chief insights that seem to arise to me are that some people hide their true colors, and pretend that they are someone that they aren't, until tragedy strikes, and forces them to come back to reality and be the person they're meant to be , or in this case need to be. (Other example of important insights listed below)

Alcoholism and its effects on family

Addiction being rooted in your blood (the young boys love for the drink from the first sip)

Sometimes making choices for the...
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