Drunk Driving and Analysis Questions Included

Topics: Testimony, Jury, Cigar Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Carmen LaBiere
By Jeremy rice 13/12/2012
The facts I have to testify about are not being drunk, swerving to miss a racoon, picking my client up at his hotel where we went to the bar for a moment and he had a drink. The whole night he was smoking putrid cigars that irritated my eyes and gave me a headache and stressed me out. I don’t like smoking at all I find it disgusting and so I joined an organization called (gasp) generations against smoking pollution. I also testified for my “swerving” which was me merely avoiding a racoon as i'm in an organization (fab) fund for animal betterment. I don’t think there are any facts I should have included my layers did a great job at getting everything and covering all the angles that the crown would try to come from. The crown tried to make it seem like I was day dreaming or hallucinating about the racoon but my layers got a good point from the the crowns witnesses, they were to focused on me to look around and notice the little details, like that racoon. Both teams’ layers covered their bases very well leaving little room for fault and that’s why I don’t think there were any facts we missed. After my testimony, I don’t feel like there were any points my layers missed that they should have said. But they should have emphasized a bit more on the fact that my client was smoking cigars not cigarettes as I don’t think that was made clear. I believe it was miss said as cigarettes first and then I don’t think was clearly stated it was cigars which would be a lot stronger in smell and more irritating. Yes my layers did a great job at calling objection they called out quite a few objections to. But do I think they were handled fairly, I do think they were maybe the judge was a little bit more in our favour but the other team didn’t call nearly as many objections. Being a witness is a lot of fun and not as easy as you think especially if you are the accused as you are the center of everything and you have to be...
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