Drunk Driving

Topics: Drinking culture, 2006 singles, National Minimum Drinking Age Act Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Brandon Pryor
Persuasive Speech: Underage Drinking
At the age of 15, a boy went to a high school party. He was a freshman and just wanted to seem cool in front of everyone. He decided that drinking was the fastest way to popularity so he took one shot. That one shot turned to one more, then two more, until eventually he lost count. Two hours later he was rushed to the hospital with alcohol poisoning and had to get his stomach pumped. Snap back to reality, this may seen like a rare occurrence but it is quite the contrary. Thousands of cases of alcohol poisoning are reported each year in America; about half of these cases are of teenagers. Drinking underage needs to stop; it is dangerous, illegal, and all around stupid. According to scientists, a child’s brain does not fully develop until they are 21 years old. Hence the drinking age is 21. The younger you are, the harder it is for you to know your limit when drinking so you are more likely to drink too much which can lead to alcohol poisoning, liver cancer, and brain damage. All of these are considered lethal. No one wants to die at that young of an age because of something as stupid as drinking too much. You want your legacy to be great, and drinking underage will greatly hinder that. Drinking underage isn’t only dangerous, but it is also illegal. You officially aren’t able to drink until you are 21 years old. If you get with possession of alcohol under 21 years old can result in jail time and a $1000-$2500 fine for your parents. Why make your parents pay for your mistake? Does it sound fair that your parents are the one being punished for your laps in judgment? Don’t put your parents through that kind of situation. Just don’t drink. In MD, 26% of people age 12-20 years old took a drink in the past month and 80% of people in MD has admitted to taking a drink before turning 21. Don’t be part of this statistic. There is nothing smart about drinking. When you get drunk you are a complete...
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