Drunk Driving

Topics: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, New Year, Adolescence Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Defense of Sources
Document A: Image Database/Web Name –Only Approved Sources!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mothers Against Drunk Driving founder Candy Lighter holding a photograph of her daughter." Special Interest Group Profiles for Students. Ed. Kelle S. Sisung. Detroit: Gale Group, 2010. Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 5 Feb. 2013.

I chose this image because: this show the teens that are losing there lives because of drunk driving and how it affect parents.

How does this image address my thesis? Drunk driving in teens is common; they are also losing their lives in car accidents and also take other people lives. Drunk driving also affect parent by them losing the kids.

Document B: Database/Web Name-opposing viewpoints–Only Approved Sources Against Drunk Driving many teen are losing their life in this. Dec .2011. I chose this article because: I chose this article because I want to teach those teen how bad drunk driving is and that it cause many problem to others to.

How does this article address my thesis? This is to help people understand how important it is and how if we change how helpful it would be to us.

Schmitz, Jon. "Study: Teen Drivers Often Impaired on New Year's." Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. 31 Dec 2012: A.1. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 11 Feb 2013. Document C: Database/Web Name-sirs
I chose this article because :I chose this one because it showed how many people are getting in drunk driving it also show the death it causes in the us and how many.

How does this article address my thesis? This is to let the the teens know how important it is and how harmful it can be and how it destroy people. Document D: Reputable News Article (published within 12 months)

I chose this article because: The results of a new survey might be sobering, if not a bit terrifying, to anyone planning to be out and about tonight [Dec. 31, 2012]. More than 1 in 10 teenagers in the survey said they have driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs on New Year's...
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