Drums along the Mohawk: A Review

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  • Published : June 25, 2012
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Drums along the Mohawk

In “Drums along the Mohawk,” John Ford demonstrates the actuality of life for women in the frontier during the Revolutionary war. The character of Lana Martin exemplifies the experience women during this time period. Prior to the revolutionary war, the American colonies admired and attempted to imitate the lifestyle of the British crown. Similarly, Lana Martin came from a wealthy family and enjoyed all the luxurious of life such as silk clothes, imported china and leisure time. After her marriage, Lana moved to the Frontier where she underwent new experiences. After her marriage with Gilbert Martin, She moves to the frontier. She is surprised by the living conditions; she’s used to living in nice houses in Albany, New York whereas now she has to live in a small cabin. Furthermore, she has her initial encounter with Indians. Lana lived the life of a princess; now she had to perform heavy farm labor. She has to give up a lot of her old life in order to adjust; her love for Gilbert makes the experience much easier.

The major challenges in Lana’s life includes the burning of her home in which She, Gilbert and all the community had put time and effort to built, is burned down to the ground by an Indian attack ordered by the British. She tries to save some of her precious belongings but is not able to. Shortly after, the anxiety and worry causes her to have a miscarriage. Additionally, Lana and Gilbert have lost all their belongings and have no money or place to live. Lana does not give up hope and serves as Gilbert’s courage. She states that they will start fresh and build an even bigger house. Lana suggests they work for Mrs. McKenna, a head-strong widow. Life begins to return to normal as Lana and Gilbert start to live peacefully and happily with the community and Mrs. McKenna. Shortly after, Gilbert gets drafted into the Continental Army and has to leave Lana behind. Meanwhile, Lana experiences the anxiety of living life without...
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