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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a drum major is defined simply as “the leader of a marching band.” However, I think that the drum major is more than just a leader. He is the image, the personality, and the character of the band as a whole. I believe I have the ability, charisma, and leadership qualities to fill this honorable position. I pride myself on being an honest, confident, and reliable person. Next year will be my fourth year in the band and I have always made my best effort to be on time, to support others, and be enthusiastic about everything I do no matter how difficult it is. Most importantly, an outstanding leader is not scared of admitting that they have made a mistake. This takes a great amount of maturity and responsibility, and I have always made that a very important aspect of my life. Another very important skill of a leader I have is courage, because it implies so much. Being decisive requires courage, because as a leader you cannot be afraid to fail but wholeheartedly support their own opinions, and not be fearful of suggesting a new approach at some situations.I am not perfect but picking me as the drum major for Warren Easton Fighting Eagles Marching Band would be a fantastic experience for me, and I would really love to dedicate myself to a program that I already hold dear to my heart, and remember for the rest of my life. -Musicianship

Improving a band musicianship starts with being able to play an instrument to your fullest ability, and that begins with a healthy body. To improve the health of the band as a whole we will start to run laps around the school and do physical warm-ups (stretching, jumping jacks ,breathing exercises, etc) at least twice a week to improve endurance and stamina. Also, I think one of the pleasures of being a distinguished musician is being able to read a piece of music for the first time and already having a good account of it. Having excellent sight reading skills also means the amount of time...
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