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Drum Major Audition

1. What specific skills do you posses that qualify you as a drum major. What qualifies me as a drum major is the experience that I have within this band program. Being a section leader for the past two years has given me a much better understanding of show and music, along with advanced understanding of marching technique and fundamentals.

2. Describe your level of musicianship and instrumental pedagogy skills. From the start of my music career at Cryar, I've always been the top Tuba player. Even throughout Junior High-school and Even so far in High-school, I've been in Wind Ensemble. Being in the Wind Ensemble shows my musical ability, along with my musical understanding. Being in the Wind Ensemble gives me a opportunity to study and prepare more difficult music that I would find being in any other band.

3. Describe your level of marching fundamentals competency.
My level of marching, I would say, is one of the more advanced in the band; I'm basing this statement on the fact that I've already had three years of marching experience, but not just marching experience, I've also had two years of teaching marching to underclassmen. With this experience I believe puts me ahead of other students in the band, because I was the only Sophomore section leader.

4. Describe your level of drill design (and execution of) understanding. My level of drill design and understanding is advanced compared to others in the band. Since Sophomore year I've been presented with the drill charts, that normal students would only see outside of rehearsal. So I have a fairly good understanding how to dress forms and how to fix forms that might not be working as well as it should be.

5. List and describe the points of attention
a. Feet
The heels of the marchers feel should be touching, and their toes separated so that the gap at the intersection of the heels at a 45 degree angle. Along with the position of the feet, the weight of the marcher should be balanced solely on the ball of the foot. If this is done correctly then the marcher should be able to bounce up and down on their feet without shifting their weight. b.Knees

The marchers knees should be in a comfortable bend. The worst thing for a marcher to do is lock their knees when they are in attention. This could lead to a possible blackout of the marcher due to the cut of of blood to the brain. c. Hips

The marchers hips should flat to front, and should also be pushed and tilted forward slightly. The hips is one of the most important parts of a good marcher, it's what separates the musician from the athlete. This is a important thing to remember later when we start marching. d. Arms

The Marchers arms should be at a slight, comfortable bend. With their hands resting on the sides of the legs, wear the seam of their shorts should be. The elbows should be facing directly backwards, not outward to any degree. The hands should be in a loose fist with their thumb facing directly downward in line with the seam on their shorts. e. Shoulder

The marchers shoulders should be in a line with the heals of their feet and their hips. They should be relaxed but bold. This can be achieved by raising the shoulder to the ears, pulling them back, and relaxing them downward. This will portray a stronger individual. f. Head

The marchers head should be held high. So that they are looking directly forward. There should be absolutely no movement what so ever while the marcher is in attention. Not to adjust hair, or wipe sweat, regardless to circumstance, if you are in attention, you are not moving. 6. List and describe the points of forward march.

a. Head
The head should remain flat to front or back at all times,unless directed otherwise. b. Shoulders
The marchers shoulders should always be facing flat to front or back, unless directed otherwise. They should also be in the same position that they were in the attention position. c. Hips
The marchers hips should be facing the...
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