Drum Major

Topics: Restraining order, Stalking, Avengers: The Initiative Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Haley Strader
Honors Literature
November 17, 2012
My Drum Major Instinct
Stalking is a very serious matter, despite society’s tendency to trivialize the experiences of many female victims. There have been numerous overlooked cases in which female victims have been stalked for various amounts of times and taken action to have the stalker removed, just to have him/her eventually come back up in some sort of manner. Many top box office hits have the cliché plot of the stalker who murders the girl, but people don’t realize that stalking is a real problem many actually face. There have been quite a few of these incidents, maybe not resulting in murder, but still uncomfortable for women to deal with, close to my community. Just recently in Hamilton, Ohio, a sexual predator was arrested for counts of stalking teen girls by driving by their homes multiple times, texting them up to 80 times per day, and watching them exit school. This is why I want to take the initiative to be a drum major for peace, justice, and righteousness for women in surrounding communities who are dealing with unwanted contact or stalking.

To be a drum major is to be a leader. Leaders take the time to go out of their way and stand up for what they believe in. Leaders take the initiative and set the standard for people to follow. To be a drum major for women, the first task is awareness. Anyone trying to get a point across must first make people aware of the problem and their cause for reaching out. The problem is that many women find themselves being stalked, file restraining orders, and still don’t get the justice they are searching for. Some women even change their whole identity to hide from their stalker in fear of getting hurt. To make people aware of this, one must take the initiative reach out to the common people. This might include going to churches, local meetings, or even starting my own organization to make people aware of the problem.

The second thing I must do is writing and...
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