Drugs Within the Prison System

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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Drugs within the Prison System
Socorro Pardo
DeVry University
Professor Wells
October 12, 2012

Drugs in the prison system have been a problem for corrections personnel for many years. The problems with drugs in prison are different in many parts of the country but the question remains to be how the drugs get into the correctional facilities. The breakdown of the use and abuse of illicit drugs within the prison systems is being based on a worldwide issue. The issue with drugs in the prison system consist of many things such as the widespread of flow of drugs in and out of the prison system, the control of or lack of control by prison employees, the drug gangs and the drug dealers that distribute the drug in the correctional facilities, the pace of addiction, and treatments that are available to inmates suffering from the drug addictions. The main problem with drugs in prison has to do a lot with gang control within the correctional facilities especially in Mexico. According to the Chicago Tribune, “Six out of 10 Mexican prisons are "self-governed" by prison gangs or drug cartels.” The commission representative has informed that Mexico’s prisons are overcrowded and the shortage of staff and corrupted staff members is what the main problem is. Of the 430 prisons in the country 60 percent are controlled by criminal gangs. Overcrowding in the prisons and jails is a dilemma that is occurring in the national penal system. Mexico has only six federal prisons, where houses the dangerous cartel suspects and other inmates that are in there for drug trafficking, weapons possession and money laundering which are consider to be federal crimes in Mexico which bring increase to overcrowding in the prisons (Diaz , 2012) Do to all the overcrowding which most of the inmates pertain to the drug has brought the prison system to be controlled by organized crime. Since prison employees are under paid that’s where corruption comes in because the prison guards are more likely to be paid better working for the drug cartel and helping them out while they are in prison. Also if one neglects to work for them the prison guards are vulnerable to have problems in which the gangs may focus their angry towards their families (Diaz , 2012). The most amazing case in the prison corruption was a result of a massacre outside the prisons walls in 2010. The guards and the prison officials in a prison in the state Durango in Mexico allowed cartel prisoners to leave and gave them guns and gave them official vehicles to carry out a drug related plan that resulted in a massacre of death of 17 people who were at a rented dance hall. When they had finished the job they returned to their prison cells knowing that they will be safe from the rival gang members. Corruption is huge in Mexico do the enormous threat of the drug cartel in which the whole prison system is corrupted. All of the corruption that happens in Mexico can be traced to the prisons around the world because in every prison there are gangs in which they have some control including having people smuggling in drug (Diaz, 2012). In many big state prison systems, a blend of inmate cleverness, complicit visitors and fraudulent staff has kept the height of prisoner drug abuse steady over the years in spite of intensive efforts to decrease it. For example in 2010 a correctional officer by the name of Richard Pillajo, was known to be a good educated officer at a Florida state prison was arrested for planning to smuggle in drugs for a pay off amount of $2,500 to the inmates ("Drugs inside prison," 2010). Another problem is a modern boom in cell-phone smuggling has convoluted matters; with prisoners every so often use phones to make drug deliveries arrangements. Since the 2010 incident Florida has put into operation an anti-contraband tactics that include drug-detecting dog teams, metal detectors and the searches conducted of staff and visitors at, and most shocking random pat-down searches...
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