Drugs Should Their Sale and Use Be Legalized

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Comp II

Drugs: Should Their Sale and Use Be Legalized

Arnold Heningburg

Palm Beach Atlantic University

Instructor: Heather Patton

Drugs: Should Their Sale and Use Be Legalized?

In the last 50 plus years, the support of legalization of drugs has been a very hotly argued topic in the United States society and the world. Many believe that "street drugs" should be legal and everyone should have the choice of using them if they desire. After the introduction of these street drugs, (some that were legal for medicinal purposes), they had to be banned in society because people were abusing them. Many of these drugs now known as illegal substances were considered legal and were manufactured and created by chemists, and at some point were used for medical reasons. Unfortunately, due to many detrimental effects of prolonged use that caused human beings to become sick or die, these drugs were deemed dangerous and made illegal by the government. William Bennett's "Drugs: Should Their Sale and Use Be Legalized" goal was to tell the general American public or the communities know how important it was to uphold the countries current drug policy.

The beginning of Bennett’s statement started by saying, "The issue I want to address is our national drug policy and the intellectuals" (Bennett, William). He was particularly addressing our nation about the danger of making these drugs legal. Bennett wanted everyone to know that he undoubtedly was on the side of keeping and imposing the ban on making narcotics illegal. Bennett’s article seems to be motivated by the desire to confirm his support for the current U.S. national and international policies regarding narcotics.


Bennett’s purpose was to win over those individuals who were not sure and those who were opposing the nations drug policy, by sharing where he stood on the issue of the...
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