Drugs in Sports

Topics: Recreational drug use, Drug, Prohibition Pages: 4 (1581 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Roberto Gomez
English 205
6 February 2009

Drugs and Athletes
Athletes around the world have different ways and strategies for them to succeed in their sport. Some athletes put numerous hours in training, conditioning and competing. All athletes have the same goal and that is to be on top, nobody trains to become second. With this, you think it is very easy for one to be an athlete. It requires time, dedication, passion and love for the sport if you dont have all this then you are just wasting your time. Performance-enhancing drugs are substances used by athletes to improve their performances. There are different kinds of performance-enhancing drugs, here are some of them Lean mass bilders, Stimulants , Painkillers , and Blood boosters. These are just examples of some performance enhancing drugs used by athletes. Taking all these would not help your body and if you get caught that’s not going to do any good to you and to the sport because the media will be all over it and they wouldn’t stop talking about you until you quit. Taking this is really unfair to those athletes who are not taking it, getting an edge to play or perform better than other is I think not the best way of being successful in sports. Natural talent is one of the best drugs you can have. You don’t have to pay for it, you don’t have to worry about it, you don’t have to worry about your body and you just have to work hard every single day to get better without taking any performance-enhancing drugs. I wish all athletes will not take drugs to perform better, if they don’t perform well in competitions then maybe there is something wrong with them or maybe that isn’t the right sport for them. They should not persue something that is not achievable, they should be realistic in the things they want in life. But, if you work really hard and put yourself into it then maybe talent with hardwork will make a big difference in the performance of the athlete. My opinion to...
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