Drugs in Sport

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  • Published : August 16, 2008
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Since the beginning of time, man has tried to push the boundaries. Tried to push the boundaries to challenge each other and themselves. Tried to push the boundaries on what is said to be physically possible or impossible. At the point of this battle between man and his restraints, is the sporting arena.

Sporting figures have always been globally awarded heroic status due to the amazing physical feats they may overcome. Sport means a great deal to a lot of people and there is globally a great deal of money involved in sporting business annually. In the quest for glory and riches, despite an increase in emotional pressure from the public eye, our modern day warriors push themselves to their physical limits on a daily basis.

Through technological advances the human race has always found a way to make things easier: bigger, longer, faster, stronger. The sporting has had it’s own revolutions in technological advances, whether it be the faster shoe, suit or machine. Enter drugs. As sporting takes rise, so does the temptation to use something to help you win (Nelms 2007).

So why do athletes use drugs? It is simple enough; the benefits of drugs such as steroids and human growth hormone give them an edge over their drug-free opponents. And an edge translates into wins and – hopefully sponsorship dollars (Davies 2006).

Some of today’s high class athletes at the are condoning the use of drugs in their sport because they say it is essential to use performance enhancing drugs be competitive at the top level. The Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson said that the human body was not designed to run the speeds it is now called upon to run, and steroids were necessary to recover from gruelling training and injuries. One anonymous weightlifter reported to The Bulletin prior to the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games saying, “…it is pretty close to essential to take performance-enhancing drugs if you want to make it at an international level.”

Some high profile political...
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