Drugs During School

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High school is a very critical time in a kid’s life. Your whole life changes, you get to play high school sports you get into a lot more dating, and you basically start choosing which road of life you want to go down. One thing that happens in high school that can affect which road you choose is you might get exposed to drugs. At my high school you were not popular if you did drugs. You had your jocks which is what I was in and we all hung out together, then you had your nerds, your emos, your country boys, and another group we called them skanks at my high school. They were the ones that did the drugs and smoked and stuff. The only drugs at my high school that were really known of was marijuana and maybe some pills. The people that did the drugs had there own little click but they were not cool. They were always nasty looking and had bad attitudes and You could tell who did drugs by the way they dressed and acted at school. I don’t think my perception of drugs changed from when I was in 6th grade to high school and even to now I think smoking and doing stuff like that is just bad for you. You don’t get any good out of it. It don’t make you cool and it starts you on a long hard road for life. I bet if you look sat the percentage of teenagers that drop out of high school the ones who did drugs would make up a huge percentage of that. For some reason though I feel like now more people in high school do drugs that are popular. Like the athletes for instance, they are leaders of the school and represent the school and if they do drugs more people will want to do them and I think that happens a lot of the time too. I hope that drugs never become popular in school even though I think they are on an up rise. You can do so much better in life if you stay away from them, but you live and you learn and if you do drugs you will learn the hard way.
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