Drugs Andf Alcohol

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Alcoholism Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: December 18, 2012
World without Addictions
If I could eliminate one thing from this world I would eliminate drug and alcohol abuse. One reason why I would eliminate drug and alcohol abuse from society is because it causes crimes. It causes people to murder and steal to feed their addictions. Good people can be pressured into using drugs and alcohol and potentially ruin their future. People using drugs and alcohol would not be able to hold a steady life style. Their family would slowly fall apart, pretty soon having no one to turn to. People using drugs and alcohol sometimes hide themselves from society and do not seek help. Drugs and alcohol have been known to ruin relationships between friends and family. Once someone is afflicted with this type of addiction it is hard to steer them on the right path, therefore I feel the world would be better off without drugs and alcohol.

In a world where drugs and alcohol do not exist, humanity would be better off. A lot of people who are sucked in by drugs, at one point, had a lot of potential. These people would still have the chance to achieve goals in my utopia. Crime throughout the world would go down. Drugs cause people to go crazy and steal and kill, either while under the influence or to become under the influence of drugs. People would act normal and relationships would stay stronger. Families would not become broken. The economy would be because they are not giving every dollar to other countries to feed their addiction to drugs and alcohol. Overall drugs and alcohol have a very negative impact on society and without them more important things can be achieved.
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