Drugs and Drug Use

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  • Published : June 12, 2012
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Drugs and Drug Use

While it wasn't my thing, a lot of teenagers make it their life's goal to turn off (or 'expand') as much of their brains as possible. To this end, learning all the new and amazing ways they can mix household chemicals to create intense highs became quite the goal. A lot of these files deal with marijuana, pills, alcohol, and whatever else people could get their hands on. Some were talking completely out of their butts, and some approach the level of pharmaceutical papers in their clinical and terse writing. Vive la Difference!

When Usenet started to really come into play, people started writing textfiles and posting them as articles in the newsgroup "alt.drugs" and its brethren. I've put all these files into a different directory, since they encompass the spirit of textfiles, but not really the same style.

Description of the Textfile
ALT.DRUGSPostings to the alt.drugs Usenet Newsgroup.
MARYJANETextfiles about Marijuana and the Poltics Therein

12reason.leg 22860
Twelve Reasons to Legalize Drugs from The Pragmatist (August, 1988) 2015.txt 6929
The Enemy is US by Donald W. Hipkiss (Political Commentary on the War on Drugs) 2cb.txt 40584
An Overview of 2CB (4-bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine)
5_deaths.txt 20271
A Report of Five Deaths Associated With the Use of MDEA and MDMA by Graeme P. Dowling, MD; Edward T. McDonough III, MD; Robert O. Bost, PhD (March 27, 1987) aa.jok 1613
The Alcoholics' Anthem, from Christchurch [N.Z.] University Revue absinthe.experiences 4687
An Experience with Absinthe by Aseem (November 27, 1995)
acid_dre.txt 80474
LSD, the CIA, and Your Brain by Zodiac
acidinf.fun 8832
LySergic acid Diethylamide by Billy the Kid of Bayonet
acidinf.txt 9135
Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, by Billy the Kid of Bayonet
acidinfo.txt 43854
Information on LSD, by David Honig (June 2, 1991)
acidtrip.hum 3095
Someone writes during an Acid Trip
addresse 17550
A Collection of Drug and Anarchist Mailing Addresses
aging-and-alcohol 13446
Aging and Alcohol Abuse (October 22, 1992)
alcohol.drg 6803
Part I of the Getting Homemade Highs File
alcohol.fun 3226
Alcohol Manufacture by The Shadow Lord of Metal Communications alcohol.mak 13223
The Guys Six Feet Under Present Part I of the Getting Homemade Highs File: Alcohol alcohol.txt 13222
The Guys Six Feet Under Present The Guide to Getting High: Alcohol ald52.drg 2425
Extraction of information on ALD-52
ald52.txt 0
An Extract of Information about ALD-52 (1984)
alert.fda 4287
An FDA Warning about Illicit Health Drugs being Imported (January 30, 1992) alien.txt 19908
The Spacetime Continuum by Terrence McKenna (Alien Dreamtime) (February 26, 1993) amac-pku 12364
Information on Phenylketonuria (PKU) from the Pediatric Information Resource Center amanita.rpts 12772
Anectodes Regarding Muscaria from the 1970's
amino.txt 6213
Amino Acids and Their Effects Version 1.1 by BJ Krawchuk
amph.fun 3717
Amphetamenes, from The Anarchist Cookbook, typed in by Zandar Zan amph.txt 4764
Amphetamines: from William Powell by Zandar Zan of the Neon Knights amphetam 5464
Information on Amphetamenes
amphies.fun 3357
Amphetamines, from The Poor Man's James Bond
amylnitr.txt 2548
The Highs and Lows of Amyl Nitrate/Butyl Nitrate from Dr. Benway anar38.txt 3697
Knock Out Drops: Creating
anar67.txt 3012
Mind Control by the Rocker, July 6, 1986
angel.txt 4853
Information on making PCP (Angel Dust)
aniherb.hrb 5887
Herbs for Animals, by Helen Massingham Howells (June, 1988) aoa-crac.txt 1143
Making Crack! By Eye No Phonez (1987)
aphrodis.hrb 8557
Overview of Different Aphrodisiacs
armylsd.drg 2181
Smattering of LSD Facts
art257.txt 6223
OD: A Story of Teenage Drug Addiction, by David R. Wilkerson art275.txt 4176
Cracking the Crack Habit with God
artaud.txt 36895
The Artaud Teaser by Splicer (Excerpts from the Works of...
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