Drugs and Alcohol

Topics: Alcoholism, Drug addiction, Addiction Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: November 9, 2011
Kremlis Lopez
September 21, 2011
Informative Speech Outline
Drugs and Alcohol
General Purpose: to inform
Specific Purpose: to inform my audience about all the bad things it brings people. Thesis Statement: Drugs and alcohol play a huge role in a person’s life and it could destroy them.

We all know that drinking and doing drugs is bad for your health. So why do we decide to do them? Some people say it’s because “peer pressure” others say to “feel good”, and others just feel like they need it to have a good time. Again, we all know that getting drunk or taking drugs both have its consequences and could both result in death. There are variety types of drugs and alcoholic beverages that have different side effects. These substances also mess up people’s lives, and once addicted to them it’s a difficult task getting off them. Just like people have different choices when it comes to food and cars, they have the same exact choice when it comes to drugs and alcohol. As we know there are more drugs and alcohol that have different results than others. Like a 6 pack of Heineken would get you drunk quicker than a 6 pack of coronas. Studies show that young adults choose alcohol over drugs, when they first start experimenting. When it comes to drugs you have a lot of choices as well such as marijuana, meth, cocaine, and much more. The most common used drug is weed also known as marijuana. Now, I’m going to talk about the side effect of drugs and alcohol. Addiction is the one you guys mostly hear of. An average American may consume over 35 gallons of beers and 2 gallons of wine each year. When addicted your always under the influence, which is bad cause when intoxicated you do not know how you are going to act. Different mood swings always occur when drunk or high which is also scary, because you do not know how a person is going to act. Drugs and alcohol can also change a person, life perspective. Once you become an addict all you...
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