Drugs/Alcohol Study Guide

Topics: Alcoholism, Blood, Heart Pages: 4 (818 words) Published: May 15, 2013
~65% of Americans drink
~A “drink” is 0.5oz of alcohol
~Proof: double the % of alcohol
ex. 80 proof = 40% alcohol
~Psychoactive: change in the brain chemistry
~Abstainer: someone who doesn’t drink at all or less than once a yr. <Define
Low risk
Men- no more than 14 drinks/week – 4 drinks a day
Women- (slower metabolism)
7 drinks/wk or 3 a day
Mod. Risk:
2 drinks for men
1 drink for women
High Risk:

~Binge Drinking (large consumption in little time)
Men-5 drinks 2hrs
Women-4 drinks 2hrs
High school students > college binge drink
Leads to alcohol abuse & dependence

~Effect of alcohol on body: alters brain chem. & changes neurotransmitter func. Affects balance & motor func. , rational thinking & problem solving ~Alcohol Metabolism: 90% is metabo in the liver rest in stomach; between 2-10% is not metabo @ all; excreted through breath, urine, and pores ~BAC: “Blood Alcohol Content”

a measure of the amt of alcohol in grams in 100 milliliters of blood, expressed in % *.08% is the legal amt*
~Alcohol Poisoning
slow breathing, hypothermia, seizures, vomiting
~Gender diff. in alcohol metabolism
Body size:
Women- smaller & have higher body fat %, they also absorb more of the alcohol because they metab less efficiently than men and are more vulnerable to liver disease, heart disease, & brain damage. cirrhosis (scarring of liver tissue) risk starts to  @ <2 drinks a day

Men- cirrhosis risk starts to  @ 2 ¼ - 4 drinks a day, < susceptible to alcohol effects &  BAC than women, men have  chances of death & to illnesses than women ~Blackouts: time period where a drinker is conscious yet has impaired memory, later to have amnesia of that time. Warning sign that changes have occurred in the brain; non-alcoholics that binge drink experience blackouts ~Effects of Mixing Energy and Alcohol

Alcohol makes you sleepy. (depressant;...
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