Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Adolescence Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: February 6, 2011
Rafael Alfonzo

The Effects of teenage drug abuse

Drugs had a terrible effect on teenagers. It is a bad habit because they don’t know the consequences. When teenagers use drugs, the negative effects can be seen in family relationships, academic performance, and even criminal. Drugs use often leads to a breakdown in family relationships. First of all, teens on drugs often stop communicating with parents such as they don’t want to go anywhere with their parents because they want to stay at home and use drugs. Second, teens may lie or begin acting strangely at home to protect their drug use. For example, they don’t want anyone come inside to the room because they think the people can stolen his drugs. Finally, teens may begin to be violence. Specifically, they can hit you if you don’t give money when they ask you for more money to buy more drugs. Also Drugs affected their school. Teens may begin irresponsible in the school. First, students stop caring about schoolwork such as they don’t do their homework. Second, they may start bothering other kids at school. One consequence of drugs is they feel power for do everything. Finally, they often skip school to be with their friends who do drugs. In particular, they think is better spending all the time with their friends who do drugs than go to school since they use drugs. If teens become addicted o drugs, they will do almost anything; sometimes even commit crimes, to get drugs. First, drugs are expensive, so teens usually run out of money to buy them such as they spend all their money they have to get more drugs. Next, they might begin stealing from their parents. One effect of drugs is they don’t have more money, for this they begin to stealing. Then they may begin to kill people such as if you don’t give money when they ask you they can kill you to get the money for buy more drugs. In conclusion, Drug is the result of bad habit and makes everyone crazy especially teenagers because drug use often leads...
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