Drug Use

Boom! Repeatly the gun fire went off in the city of Long Beach California. This diary is coming out of the book The Freedom Writhers Diary by Erin Gruwell. That must be another race war going on in long beach it never. Stops. Through race leads to race wars that leads to violence which is tearing the long beach apart.

There is a lot o race in the city of long beach California where lots of people with different kinds of race. Like on page 11 diary entry 4 talks about how race affects people life even when not trying to start things. Like when the boy gets jumped in the race riot in his school because he is a Mexican. He thought all of that race stuff was stupid. There’s another example in diary 6 where the kid friend get killed from affiliating with race wars. While at his friend funeral it was like every other family crying. Someone said, “Not another one,” while his friends were swearing that they would get revenge. “An eye for an eye ….. Payback’s a bitch.” That’s a lot of race going on in the freedom writers first year of high school.

The affect of race on the kids leads to lots of the kids life gone by just because the color of their skin. Their race also caused them to do bad things like shoplifting. All they wanted to do is to fit in with their on race and be popular. The kids usually call her “goodie two shoes.” Like in diary 35 when that girl steals makeup so, shell is able to tell stories and fit in with all the other bad kids. Know you see how lots of the kids are put under purpressure to do other bad things just to fit in with the others. That’s what all the kids had to go their their sophomore year in school.

In the kids junior year they went through lots of race violence in their family and out of their family. Like in diary 56 when there was another race riot and there was lots of kids that got hurt. Two of them went to the office for starting the riot. In diary 58 when the kid said had been thinking about suicide “24/7.” He eventually...
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