Drug Trafficking in the United States

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Reducing Drug Trafficking In The United States
Eng122: English Composition II

Reducing Drug Trafficking in the United States
The topic that I have chosen is Reducing Drug Trafficking in the United States. Drugs are smuggled into our country every day. Even though we have a vast amount of technology at our disposal, traffickers find ways to come up with new ways, continuing to bring in drugs and avoid arrest. More and more citizens are using drugs; it is no longer a small group. It is affecting not only their families but the economy as well, due to the fact, more crime and murders are committed, just so the user can receive their drug choice. I plan to research on the both the sentences given to drug dealers, and the outcomes of their prison term. I also will look at the difference between treatment verses imprisonment not only the cost but also what are the outcomes, is there one that works better than the other does. With all the technology that we have at our disposal, it seems that the drug dealers find a way to avoid getting caught (Office of National Drug Control Policy, n.d). As long as the demand for drugs is high, drug supplies will also be high. Likewise, in the presence of the steady drug supply, someone will always want to try them. The greater the demand for drugs, the greater the level of supply, and even greater is the threat to the American society. Most citizens recognize that drug trafficking and use need to be stopped, but methods to stop it remain a nationwide controversy. Reducing drug trafficking is hardly possible, until treatment, prevention, and research occupy a decent place in the arsenal of the government actions against drug trafficking. Treatment, rather than imprisonment, is proposed as the way to reduce drug trafficking in the U.S.

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