Drug Trafficking in the United States

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Drug Trafficking in the United States

By | August 2012
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Drug trafficking in the United States has been an issue for many decades. Though many agencies and people have tried, not much success has been made in eliminating it from our society. There is much so understand about drug use and drug trafficking; the history behind it, the different types of drugs, the effects it has on our society, the organizations created to combat it and the amount of money that has been distributed between organizations over the years. In this paper I will discuss the effect that drug trafficking has on our society and how it affects us.

According to federal guidelines drug trafficking is "an offense under federal, state, or local law that prohibits the manufacture, import, export, distribution, or dispensing of a controlled substance (or a counterfeit substance) or the possession of a controlled substance (or a counterfeit substance) with intent to manufacture, import, export, distribute, or dispense." U.S.S.G. § 2L1.2(b)(1), (Office of General Counsel, 2011) Every year millions upon millions of drugs are brought into the United States by land, sea, and air. Smugglers try to bring drugs into the United States just about any way you can imagine and probably several ways that you may not have considered.  All law enforcement agencies across the United States spend millions of dollars every year trying to fight the war on drugs both in the United States and abroad. The war on drugs has been something law enforcement has been dealing with for decades.  Federal law enforcement agencies work with foreign governments in dealing with and prosecuting criminal organizations that profit from the illegal drug trade.

The border between the United States and Mexico is the primary port of entry for the majority of the drugs that enter into the United States. The reason that this is remains the most common route for drug traffickers is due to the amount of goods and people that enter legally into the United States every day. Many cross the border...

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