Drug Trafficking in the United States

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  • Published : May 16, 2012
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Drug Trafficking in the United States
Alexis Tyse
Eng 122
Prof. Jessica Ruddick

Drug Trafficking in the United States
The scope and nature of the problem for this research paper is Drug Trafficking in the United States. The specific claim is that is the U.S. were able to drastically reduce the amount of drug trafficking, then the amount of people using drugs would have no choice but to decrease because the drugs would be harder to get. Also, if the U.S. were to legalize certain drugs, then the crime rate and abuse would probably decrease as well because the “glitz and glamour” would be gone. (A lot of people seem to want or go after things they shouldn’t, or are illegal).

While Drug trafficking brings a lot of money into the United states, the united States needs to drastically reduce the amount of drug trafficking as soon as possible to reduce the number of people abusing drugs. With the number of people abusing drugs down, there should be less crime as well because people don't have to steal to support their habit. And if there are less illegal drugs circulating the States then there is no choice but for there to be less use of it because of availability. Drugs are a currently a huge problem in the U.S. According to the text, “The existing budget to fight the supply of drugs cannot compete with the limitless resources available to drug traffickers”. (R.Dowd, 1997). Even though the U.S. spends millions of dollars every year on the war against drugs, it’s not enough. Tax payers’ dollars are being used to fight drugs, while the drug traffickers have almost “limitless” resources due to the large amount of their gross income. Drugs that are being trafficked in the U.S. are also giving gangs the upper hand with a lot of different things. Drug cartels have so much money, power, and even respect from people and other gangs that it makes it even more difficult to stop them. As stated in the text: “ The U.S. has implemented many innovative ways to...
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