Drug Trafficking

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Essay 5: Drug Trafficking
Derek L. Stewart
Global Issues
Dr. E. Masocha
April 3, 2013

Drug trafficking is a major global issue because the cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution of illicit drugs debilitates people, cripples economies, and provides funding for wars or terrorism. Drug trafficking and drug addiction has cost millions of lives, driven others from their homes, caused financial collapse, and broken up families. For example, according to Linda Hefrich (2010), Ecuador provided political sanction for over 300,000 Columbian refugees fleeing the drug cartels and drug related issues. Drug trafficking generates a tremendous amount of currency. This money is used to fund wars and terrorism. For example in Afghanistan the cultivation and exportation of opium, funds terrorist sects. Illicit drug trade affects under developing countries but it also affects major super powers like the U.S. According to Aaron Cooper, a producer for CNN Health (2011), 22 million people or 9% of the population in America use illegal drugs for recreation or to sustain their substance addiction. The rate of consumption and production of illegal drugs is staggering. Cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution are the main issue in decreasing the global drug trade. There are several possible solutions for decreasing global drug trafficking. One solution may be government involvement such as the UN’s involvement in developing countries like Mexico, Columbia, and Afghanistan or increased efforts on America’s War on Drugs Campaign. Another solution could be providing education to developing countries. A final solution could be establishing global gun control laws which would make it more difficult for the cartels to gain access to weapons.

First of all, the involvement of the United Nations could be a solution to decrease drug trafficking because the members of this international organization seek to provide international stability and security. The United Nations Office on...
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