Drug Tests in School

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  • Published : February 4, 2009
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Alex Simon
Mrs. Botton/Mr. Ambrose
American Lit
26 October 2008
Drug Testing in Schools
How many of you know students who have done drugs? (rhetorical question) As students, we can relate to other people who have done drugs in the past. By administering drug tests in school, students’ right to make the decision of doing drugs or not, is taken away. I am a strong believer in freedom and freedom of decision. Drug tests in schools also take away the privacy of students. (Put to the test para 3) Since there is a separation of church and state, shouldn’t there be a separation of school and home as well? If we started to give drug tests in schools, it would violate the privacy of students. A relative of mine used mind-altering substances in their home and went to school. The school got involved and threatened expulsion. They told me they “felt violated because the school was getting involved with their personal life” (Simon own words); which they thought was wrong. Put yourself in their shoes, how would you feel if you got caught at school under the influence? Drug tests should not be allowed to be given in schools because it violates privacy. If they did start having mandatory drug tests in schools, it would cause fear in the students of getting caught, therefore students would stay home just so they wouldn’t get caught. As stated in the Pittsburgh Gazette, “Random drug testing alienates students; it is a humiliating violation of privacy that already self-conscious adolescents should not have to endure” (Rosenbaum para 7) As of right now, I have not heard of any drug tests going on in schools and the students seem to be just fine with that. We all know that drugs are bad, but it is a personal decision to do them or not to do them. It should be the parents’ responsibility if their kids are doing drugs, not the schools. Once again, drug tests should not be allowed to be given in schools. Teenagers are naturally rebellious and will still do...
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