Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Rebecca Shackleford
Professor Spencer
English 101-E106
20 September 2012
Erich Fromm wrote an essay, discussing his views on how blind obedience will lead to the destruction of mankind. Fromm believed that mankind began with an act of disobedience and would end with an act of obedience. I agree with Fromm I believe the world will end in destruction, someone will follow orders and cause mass destruction that will kill out mankind. However Fromm wrote the essay in 1963 following the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the fear of a nuclear war was on America’s minds. I feel that someday in the future someone in power will cause destruction to mankind. Some of Fromm arguments are dated due to the time the article was written, but I think he brings up the important fact that it is sometimes good to question authority. Fromm used the Hebrew mythology to explain that history began with an act of disobedience committed by Adam and Eve. He believed when they broke ties with god, the human race was set free to make their own choices and fend for themselves. By being disobedient they created a new paradise thus creating the beginning of mankind. He used Greek mythology to show the defiance of Prometheus. By Prometheus saying “I would rather be chained to a rock then be an obedient servant of god “showed that humans are free thinkers, and desire to understand rather than to be told. Fromm believed humans have evolved by acts of disobedience. He felt without disobedience spiritual faith and knowledge of today would not be possible. He felt many people are living in the Atomic Age, a time in history when the use of nuclear technology is growing in development but some are stuck in the Stone Age as far as the government is concerned, which is a time when technology was just beginning. Fromm explained as human we have two types of obedience and consciences. They are heteronomous and autonomous obedience. Heteronomous obedience is defined as obedience...
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