Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

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  • Published : July 30, 2011
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English 1302 14 July 2011 Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Recently there has been a lot of debate over drug testing as an eligibility requirement for welfare recipients to receive benefits. There is a significant amount of Americans that agree with drug testing as an eligibility requirement for those seeking welfare benefits, but there is also individuals claiming that the drug testing is unconstitutional and is a violation of their fourth amendment of the U.S. constitution, protection against unreasonable searches. I chose this topic because the United States economy is steadily declining and if Americans do not start addressing some of the main contributors behind this decline now then we could ultimately be in the midst of another depression similar to the one in the early nineteen thirties. I would rather not be involved in such a disaster and I especially do not want my kids to be left with the burden. Also, a vast majority of Americans appear to be much lazier and incompetent than in previous years. Some of these individuals have figured out that they can sit back and always rely on someone else, taxpayers, to do all of their providing for them. I believe that if we can put certain constraints, such as drug testing welfare recipients, on individuals that are abusing the system then we may have an opportunity to start seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Lately I have continued to grow more and more concerned about the continued down spiraling of the economy and the effect it has had on my family. My husband came home from

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work one day and mentioned to me that Florida is now drug testing their welfare recipients and so I started doing some research. The current situation in Florida is what ultimately led me to choose this subject as my research topic. Due to this topic being fairly new, my main research sources will come from trusted internet and library sites. There will be little material on certain specifics that will come from books. In...