Drug Testing of High School Students

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  • Published : February 13, 2012
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Mandatory Drug Testing of High School Athletes
Brandon had always wanted to play football for his high school team. He had always been one of the slowest and smallest boys in his grade. While in 8th grade, he was introduced to performance enhancing drugs. He was sold on the fact that they would make him stronger, faster, and maybe give him a shot to make the high school football team. During his first year of taking the performance enhancing drug, Brandon had increased strength and self-pride. As others started to see his achievements they started asking how he had made such drastic changes in strength. His response was hard work and determination, but quickly people started to really question these drastic changes. His upcoming senior year was turned upside down when the school decided to mandate all high school athletes be randomly tested for drugs. During week 3 of that season his name was pulled for the random testing. Of course he failed the test and his team had to forfeit all games that he had participated in. Performance enhancing drugs have a long term effect on student’s health. Mandatory drug testing of athletes promotes a drug free environment. This is why high school nationwide should participate in mandatory drug testing of their athletes.

Performance enhancing drugs have a long term effect on student’s health. Performance enhancing drugs such as steroids have been around since the 1960’s. Since then many athletes have seen and felt the negative effects of these drugs. The effects of these drugs at such a young age are more significant. “Steroid use during adolescence poses additional concern because the use of these drugs during this developmental period may result in the premature closure of the epiphyseal growth plates” (Drug Test Passes Court Test). High blood pressure, liver damage, and aggression are (See image left, “Student Testing Gathers Prominent Support”) all possible side effects to this performance enhancing...