Drug Testing in Schools

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Drug Testing in Schools

By | Feb. 2011
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Drug testing should not be mandatory for high school students.
High schools should not use drug tests its students because it will cause a disturbance to the school. Drug testing causes a major waste of time in a school day. For example in a September 2010 article from the Pittsburg-Post Gazette it wrote that “A tremendous amount of time wasted at the beginning and end of every class, just getting materials out, getting ready, [students] talking to each other and socializing“ (Chute). This article shows that adding another activity like drug testing students into a school day will cause a major time loss to the school day. Another reason why students should not be drug tested is because it will cost schools a astronomical amount of money to provide them. This is seen in a newspaper article of the Fiji Times as it elaborated on, “Every drug test will cost US$470 and that's inclusive of lab fees and courier“ (Ali). This shows that it is very costly for schools to provide all there students with drug tests. Drug testing high school students is a pointless act to add on to a school day. Drug test should not be a requirement because it is an invasion of the students privacy. Schools cannot be drug testing its students because the students h ve no say in whether or not it can be done to them. This is seen in an article by Global Change that argues about how, “Drug testing is highly controversial: it penalizes users with positive drug tests that can bear little or no relation to work performance. It invades privacy and smacks of authoritarianism“ (Drug). This shows that drug testing has no reason to be mandatory, and it will just cause controversy if it is continued. Schools cannot drug testing students because the school would then be biased toward its students.

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