Drug Testing in Schools

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  • Published : February 13, 2014
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Drug Testing in Schools
A growing number of schools in the U.S. are drug testing students in hopes that it will curb student drug use. Since the start of the process in the early nineteen nineties, most schools have figured out that it results in little effect(Gerada). Many people would say that drug testing in schools is a waste of limited school funds, illegal, invades the students privacy, and a distraction to studies. Therefore, random drug testing within schools should be banned or replaced with a more convenient and professional motion. Not every school or taxpayer can afford drug testing in schools since it’s so expensive. In 2003 and 2008, taxpayers paid more than $36 million to fund drug testing in schools.(Opinion) All that money has to go towards drug kits, lab results, and man hours for each student, and that adds up to be costly. The Journal of Youth and Adolescents says, “it isn’t money well spent.”(Opinion) The cheapest kit is about $14 to $30 per test, but the price still differs depending on the type of test given: urine $10-$50, hair $60-$75, saliva $10-$50, or sweat samples $20-$50.(Gerada) For every 500 high school student it cost $21,000. $42 per student.(Kern) For every positive test done, they have to do a second one to rule out a false positive test.(Kern) In one district, its $35,000 for 11 students who are positive.(Kern)

Most officials also fail this to mention how distracting the drug testing process can be to the students studies In order for the testing procedure to occur, it needs to be within the limits of school time because students aren’t required to stay after hours unless they are serving time for discipline. Thus making teachers cancel classes for the day, and causing a delay in the educational curriculum. Random drug testing also gives students anxiety which leads to lower grades and outbursts of rebellious actions. In certain cases, students have even dropped out of school because they don’t want to risk getting...
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