Drug Testing in School

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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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Benefits and downsides of drug testing in schools/ Help for those who test positive.

The topic of drugs in schools has always been one that is prevalent in society and a main concern toward protecting our youth. Billions of dollars get spent every year on drug agencies that focus on stopping the importation of drugs to America and their distribution. Some of those funds also go to anti-drug campaigning and agencies that speak to schools and young adults about the dangers of using drugs. Yet with all this money spent on drug enforcement it still seems that drugs are more prevalent in schools and everyday life more than ever. From my own personal experience and having attended both a public and private high school it was easy to find someone to buy drugs from and even easier to know people that did drugs and went to class high on something. This brings the idea of drug testing in schools to question and whether it should be done to stop drug use before it starts.

The main purpose of school drug testing is not to catch kids using drugs, it to keep them from ever using them. Once they use drugs it’s harder for them to break their addiction. The benefit of drug testing in school would obviously be for preventation and making young adults think twice before getting high. It is surprising that young adults go to school to get a job or career in their future and for that job they must submit a drug test. Yet as far as the school systems that lead to attaining that degree are concerned there is not testing being conducted to see if a student is using drugs. Implementing a drug-testing program in schools at the federal lever would make it mandatory for each student in a private or public school to get tested for any illegal substance use. A program that test at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year would be most beneficial at the high school level. Also making it a standard that if a student test positive for a drug during their educational career at...
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