Drug Testing Animals

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Drug Testing On Animals
This company believes testing drugs on animals is necessary. Using humans to test certain vaccines and HIV medication has been a long process. Scientist believe in a ideal world he would love to test thousands of humans but it would be highly time consuming and dangerous. The compound where they test animals at would not be as effective with humans and cause illness and death. The only other objection would be is to test animals. There are many reasons why this company believes testing animals is necessary. The first would be to make sure the drugs and vaccines are safe to use on humans. The second being making sure the vaccines and drugs are actually effective and trying them out on animals would show the good and the bad with the drug. The third would be the general research into the animal biology. The scientists want to see how the animals function with the certain diseases in their body. In some countries it is legal that all drugs and vaccines be tested on animals. In the United Kingdom the Medicine Act of 1968 states that all medicines product must be tested on two different live species. The animal safety test is a process where the animals has in vitro and computer program to stimulate what will happen when the drug is inside their body. I am for animals testing we as humans would not have to advantage of getting all of our necessary vaccines and antibiotic medicines if we did not test animals and a lot of humans would be very ill or sick because we would be the test bunnies.

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www.avert.org/hiv-animal testing
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