Drug Study (Mucosulvan, Verorab, Tetanus Toxoid)

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"Tetanus Toxoid"

GENERIC NAME: Anti-tetanus serum
BRAND NAME: Tetanus Toxoid

Tetanus Toxoid is indicated for booster injection only for persons 7 yrs of age and older against tetanus. Primary immunization schedule for children under 7 yrs of age should consist of five doses of vaccine containing tetanus toxoid. Tetanus Toxoid is not to be used for treatment of tetanus infection. As with any vaccine, vaccination with tetanus toxoid may not protect 100% of susceptible individuals. DOSAGES:

After the initial immunization series is completed, a booster dose of 0.5mL of tetanus toxoid should be given intramuscularly every 10 yrs to maintain adequate immunity. SIDE EFFECT/ ADVERSE REACTION:

oBody System as a whole:
Redness, warmth, edema, induration with or without tenderness as well as urticaria, and rash. Malaise, transient fever, pain, hypotension, nausea, and arthralgia NURSING CONSIDERATION:
Shake well the vial before withdrawing each dose
Special care should be taken to ensure that the injection does not enter the blood vessel For Nursing Mothers:
Tetanus Toxoid does not affect the safety of mothers who are breastfeeding or their infants. Breastfeeding does not adversely affect immune response and is not a contraindication for vaccination For Pediatric Use:

Safety and effectiveness of tetanus toxoid in infants below the age of 6 weeks has not been established. However, this vaccine is not indicated for children under 7 yrs of age. For Geriatric Use:

Tetanus Toxoid should only be used in geriatric patients known to have received a primary series of tetanus-containing vaccine, since many such as persons have no prior immunity.


GENERIC NAME: Rabies vaccine
All subjects at a permanent risk should be vaccinated
A serological test is recommended every 6 months
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