Drug Store Management

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Of SRM Engineering College A PROJECT REPORT Submitted to the


In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of MASTER OF COMPUTER APPLICATION

June 2005


Certified that this project report titled “PHARMACY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” is the bonafide work of MR.SARVAJEET KUMAR DUBEY who carried out the research under my supervision. Certified further that to the best of my knowledge the work reported herein does not form part of any other project report or dissertation on the basis of which a degree or award was conferred on an earlier occasion on this or any other candidate.

Internal Guide

Head Of the Department


The project “PHARMACY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” is designed for the company Altosys Software Technologies Limited. The pharmacy management system is an application, which involves administrational functional, related to various details like stock maintenance, sales list, purchase list, billing list etc. Realizing the need for quick retrieval and easy management of data, the system was studied in depth, analyzed and computerized.

Owing to the number of drawbacks evident in the existing system, an automated solution is proposed. The Proposed System aims to remove most of the drawbacks found extensively in the existing system. The PS is aimed to simply the complex and redundant process. The proposed system being developed as a replacement for the existing system is a graphical user interface with good interactions with the database. The proposed system has certain Modules .These are as below, Login User, Administrator, Purchase, Sales, Billing and Stock.

Hence the proposed system is complete automation. The Proposed system has been developed under jsp front-end and PL/SQL as back-end. Thus Proposed System attempts to solve all the drawbacks of the existing system. Some of the Advantages of the Proposed System are Automated activity, Platform Independent, Portability, Faster, Maintains proper flow of control and relationships, Security, Addition, Deletion, Modification and View can be made easily. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT

I take this opportunity to thank all those who extended their enthusiastic support in helping me to complete this endeavour. I have great pleasure in acknowledging my thanks to Prof. R.

VENKATARAMANI our Principal for his encouragement and help throughout the course. I am deeply indebted to Prof. S. SAGAYARAJ, Head of the department for his valuable suggestions and guidance in completing this project. I wholeheartedly wish to thank Mrs. J. ANITHA RUTH, Senior lecturer for her immense help and valuable guidance in completing this project. I acknowledge with thanks to “ALTOSYS SOFTWARE

TECHONOLOGIES LIMITED” for giving me the opportunity to undertake this project .My special thanks are also due to Miss. HEM LATHA, Project Leader of ALTOSYS SOFTWARE TECHONOLOGIES LIMITED. for his valuable guidance and great moral support throughout the project period. Finally I express my deepest gratitude and note of thanks to all my friends and respondents who played a vital role in helping me complete this project.


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CHAPTER 1- Introduction Features of Language 1.1.1 About Java Server Page 1.1.2 Need For JSP 1.1.3 The Byte Code 1.1.4 JDBC Overview 1.1.5 Java Soft Framework 1.1.6 JDBC Driver Types 1.1.7 Structured Query Language(SQL) 1.1.8 Components of Web Applications 1.1.9 Web Logic Server Company Profile Existing System Proposed System Project Cost CHAPTER 2 – System Analysis Introduction Information Accessibility Feasibility Study CHAPTER 3 – System Design System Design and Development File Design Design Objectives Input Design Validations Input Design Objectives Input Type The Nature of Input Processing Output Design Code Design...
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