Drug Research Paper

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Drug Research Paper

Inhalants are wide variety of substances that young adults use as another way to get high. Inhalants cause mind-altering effects and typically someone would not think of these products as drugs because they were never intended for that type of use. Inhalants are very easy for young adults to find and many different types are even in their own homes. Inhalants can be anything from household cleaners to aerosols to gases.

Inhalants are administered by breathing in through the nose or mouth in a variety of ways sniffing or snorting the fumes from the containers. People who use them can also inhale fumes from a balloon or a bag which would be filled with the inhalant of choice. The high from the inhalant only lasts a few minutes which causes users to continue to inhale substances many times over a short period of time and having greater effects.

The physical impacts caused from inhalants are very similar to what someone would be like if they were to get drunk from alcohol. Symptoms would include slurred speech, little to no coordination, euphoric, and dizziness. Users may also experience hallucinations, and delusions. Users who frequently inhale will feel less control of their body for a longer period of time and may feel drowsy and have severe headaches for several hours and can possibly carry over to days with the same headache symptoms. Depending on the chemical inhaled users will experience added effects such as confusion, nausea, increased heart rate, and throwing up.

The behavioral impact from inhalants can be a short state of excitement and also confusion and hallucinations. Users also will have sudden mode swings and the inability to made clear and smart decisions.

Long term effects from inhalants that are very harmful and some irreversible effect areas all over the body. One of the long-term effects that is very serious and is from excessive inhalants is the break down of myelin. Myelin is a fatty tissue that...
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