Drug Rehabilitation Becoming More Acceptable in the 21st Century

Topics: Addiction, Drug addiction, Alcoholism Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Drug rehabilitation Becoming more acceptable in the 21st century

Within the last ten years, drug and alcohol addiction has become more acceptable in society. On television, there are many shows that are about drug addicts and their struggles with addiction and rehabilitation. There are also many articles in magazines or newspapers about celebrities being arrested for possession of drugs or being under the influence. There are more shows nowadays that are exploiting drug and alcohol addicts. By turning on the television, one can find many different shows that are about drug addicts and rehabilitation. Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Sober House and Intervention are the three major ones that can be found on television. By picking up a magazine or surfing the internet, one can also find many articles about celebrities and their addictions. Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew involves many different celebrities that are battling drug or alcohol addictions. The patients are brought to a recovery center in Pasadena California for their rehabilitation. The patients go through a detoxification and withdraw period as they begin their stay. They have rules that they have to follow while they are they and all are required to attend daily group meetings. All of the patients are videotaped as they go through their time at the center. Towards the end of their stay, some are recommended to attend a separate type of rehabilitation called Sober House. Sober House is a supervised house where the patients struggle to stay sober while trying to defeat their addictions without being in a recovery center. They are required to follow all rules that are given and are reprimanded if they do not. They also still have counseling sessions with Dr. Drew to discuss any issues that they may be having while trying to better their life. Not all of the participants are able to follow all guidelines of the program and relapse. They then must leave the house so that they are not putting...
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