Drug-Free Workplace Evaluation Paper

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Drug-Free Workplace Evaluation Paper

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PSY 425: Chemical Dependence in the Workplace

Drug-Free Workplace Evaluation Paper

All employees have the right to be secure when at work, however, when employees are placed in a situation where they have to work with others who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol their safety can be compromised. It is the purpose of this paper to examine the drug policy of the company that I work for and to discuss the methods that are in place that help supervisors identify substance abuse, and any programs that are available to the employees for assistance.

At my place of employment, there is a comprehensive drug policy in place. This policy is a part of the employee manual which every prospective employee is required to read and sign before they are offered employment at the company. The biggest part of the drug policy is portion that states, “All employees are subject to periodic, random testing for the use of alcohol or drugs (including but not limited to illegal and prescription drugs) in violation of this policy. ” and the consequence of refusing to take the test, or by testing positive for prohibited substances while employed by the company is also in the drug policy, “An employee whose test results are found to be positive, or who fails to comply with the above procedures, including failing to immediately submit to testing once notified, will be subject to appropriate discipline, up to and including termination of employment.” (Employee Handbook, 2008). The inclusion of this policy, is good in that all employees, whether they are managers, or warehouse associates, are subject to the same policy, and it gives a feeling of consistency across the building as all employees know that anyone can be disciplined for violating this policy.

Unfortunately the company with which I am employed does not have any form of drug...
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