Drug Essay

Topics: Addiction, Drug addiction, Heroin Pages: 5 (1469 words) Published: January 27, 2013
The Negative Effects of Substance Abuse

Tara Smith

University Of Phoenix COMM/155

According to the National Institution on Drug Abuse, fifty percent of Americans have a beloved one who is suffering from a drug abuse problem at any given time. ("The Stats of Drug Abuse", 2012). Drug abuse is defined as the misuse of a substance, whether it is legal or illegal or even prescribed by a doctor. ("National Institute on Drug Abuse", 2012). Alcohol and drugs have different side effects on different people, but they also have similar results. Alcohol and tobacco are considered to be addicting and fatal. Many drugs are illegal, but some can be legal. Alcohol and tobacco are legal in the United States, however all substances are addicting and end with health issues or death. ("National Institute On Drug Abuse", 2012). The effects of alcohol depend on many different factors, including size, weight, age, and sex. When you drink alcohol, it is absorbed by the stomach, enters the bloodstream, and goes to all the tissues. The amount of food and alcohol consumed by the individual are factored in also. Low alcohol intake may affect a person by experiencing dizziness and talkativeness. Immediate effects of large amounts of alcohol include slurred speech, nausea and vomiting. If you drink a small amount of alcohol, your judgment and coordination will be too impaired for you to drive safely. Continuous, heavy use of alcohol can lead to addiction or alcoholism. Addiction or alcoholism can lead to variety of aggressive acts, including domestic violence and child abuse. Long term effects of alcoholism combined with poor diet will cause permanent damage to vital organs such as your brain and liver. Abuse of alcohol will cause failure of handling major responsibilities dealing with work, family, school or the abuser will experience repeated situations that could be fatal. Abusers also have repeated legal problems. Withdrawal and physical changes happens when the drinker stops or decrease very heavy use of alcohol. Withdrawal symptoms may include shaking, sweating, rapid breathing or agitating. Hallucinations or convulsions could also occur when a drinker is going through withdrawals. Cigarettes and chewing tobacco are illegal in most United States ages under eighteen. Nicotine is one of more than four thousand chemicals found in tobacco smoke and is the primary components that act on the brain. (University Of Phoenix, 2010). Nicotine is highly addictive and the leading preventable cause of disease, disability and the possibility of death. It is absorbed through the skin and mucus lining in the nose and mouth or by inhalation into the lungs. Depending on the amount used, nicotine can reach peak levels in the bloodstream and brain quickly. Smoking tobacco is the chief avoidable cause of death in our society. Tar in cigarettes increase the smokers’ chance of a variety of cancers, lung diseases such as emphysema or even death. Smoking while pregnant has serious risk for the unborn child. Spontaneous abortion, preterm labor, low birth weight and fetal and infant deaths are more likely to occur when you’re pregnant. (University Of Phoenix, 2010). Exposure to second hand smoke is believed to cause heart disease and respiratory tract infections. Cocaine is a powerful, addictive stimulant that attacks the central nervous system. The powerful stimulant is produced from the leaves of the South American coco plant. Cocaine is considered to be on of the greatest drug threats in the world because of the violence and physical effects associated with it. Cocaine can be snorted, injected or smoked. It has been called coke, blow, rock or crack. Cocaine usually makes users feel euphoric and energetic. Moderate dosages of cocaine can cause disturbances in the users heart rhythm,...
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