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  • Published : January 15, 2013
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The most common illegal drug that is found on the streets in the United States today is Marijuana or Cannabis According to The National Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). It is estimated that the United States has about 14.8 million user or 6% of the population are users of Cannabis. Secondly most widely used illegal drug Is Cocaine which has an estimated 2.4 million users. These two drugs will be the most common thing that is found amongst drug user. There are other drugs that are widely used like hallucinogens like ecstasy with 1 million users, Methamphetamines about 731,000 users, and prescription drugs. Illegal drug are one of the biggest problems that the United States faces.

As the number of drugs user increases so does the arrest rates. According to The Uniform Crime Reports and the Federal Bureau of Investigation the number of arrest are expected to exceed 1.6 million. That means that someone is violating the drug laws every 19 second in the United States. It’s a continuing battle for law enforcement fighting the war on drug in the United States and its costly. The US will have to spend an estimated 15 billion fighting the drug war and numbers are rising. America currently holds the highest incarcerated rate in the entire world 25 percent of which were violation of drug related laws. In 2009 more people in the United States were arrested for drug related offenses than any other offense.

With the Mexico border touching the United States it has been one of the top routes for dealer bring illegal drugs over and it has been this way for generation. The United States and Mexico have been try to crack down on the border for a long time now but The Mexican drug cartel still remains strong. Even though Mexico has taking out some of the major leaders of the Cartel drugs and drug related killings remain off the charts. Law enforcement in Tijuana, Mexico just seized 40 tons of marijuana and uncovered underground tunnel that lead in to the United States. Law...
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